The Mountain's Weekly Word

HELLO! How are you? Enjoying Vancouver's awesome summer? We definitely are! Can you believe it's been a historic record of consequtive days of sun in a row? Hooray we say!

But, we aren't here to talk the sun, we are here to talk sounds and bleeps and bloops and all things audio! we go!

Over in Studio B, MISSING NO was in tracking covers of Songs for Video Games.

Missing No
To check out a behind the scenes look into what went on, head on over to their YouTube page by clicking the image below.

Aug Podcast04
Also in Studio B was @NygProductions tracking WILLHORSE who are in the PEAK PERFORMANCE top 20. Have a watch of the video below.

CHIN INJETI was also in doing some tracking of vocals.
IMG 2791
Brock is a reliable on-site resource as this image shows. @gggarthfader took a few guests up to @cpsmastering 's room and did some chatting about mastering. Nerds!

Gggarth & Brock @CPS Mastering

GEORGIA STRAIGHT posted a great review of the latest PHILOCERAPTOR album, which was tracked, mixed and mastered all within our walls, thanks to Spencer Carson and Brock McFarlane.

Click the image to read the wonderful review.


@paulboechler finished up mixing for THE OH WELLS and then began mixing a new EP for NICHOLAS RUSSELL.

@doctorboss and @paulboechler also spent a little time discussing Sonic Farm's newest toy, The Creamer Plus.

In Studio C @djaaronolson tracked some fun, silly, not-to-be-taken so seriously, rap vocals for his 2 UNLIMITED Cover "Tribal Dance" which is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

@djaaronolson also finished up mixing and mastering his remix of the 1996 classic "Global Phases" by Trance legend JON THE DENTIST. This pack of 2013 remixes is available on all download stores August 16th thanks to New York based record label THE SEED MUSIC.

On July 23rd, HALF MOON RUN released a full length album that was co-produced by our own @nygproductions. Give a listen and a purchase now via iTunes by clicking the image below.

Half Moon run